Best IKEA Living Room Designs For 2014

It is time that IKEA his new living room designs , collected in the IKEA 21014 catalog presents, (they may have recently seen our preview of the 2014 IKEA catalog). If you are too lazy to look through it page by page, we decided, a selection of living room designs from IKEA to make.

living room design from ikea

In this article, we have 12 of the best IKEA living room designs gathered. Fresh and original, these room facilities are full of color, personality and not to mention the practical storage decisions. We could not avoid it, not noticing the typical IKEA storage boxes, now in an assortment of shapes and colors. Bookshelves, lamps, small tables, they all look thanks to a humorous designs from individualized. We really like the strong contrasts of colors from IKEA , which can be seen in the photos here below, and we believe it is a wonderful approach for a cheerful current living room design . Enjoy the photos and please tell us what this brand new IKEA living room design thinking “collection”.

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