Best of Ikea for every corner of your home

Ikea, true to his philosophy seeks to unite with decoration furniture presents the functionality designed to make intelligent use of space. Plenty of colorful, natural beauty of the wood and retro prints that combine perfectly with the white that characterizes them.


Vivid color with Ikea
The coloring is a feature of all Ikea collection of designs, showing different ways to include colors in our home without overburdening a space. The decor of our home wears colors, purple, magenta, mauve, violet, lavender, ultramarine blue, mint green, gentian blue, turquoise.
The purple, mauve, lavender are trend in decoration, no matter the room in which we look, as these colors are, to a greater or lesser extent in each of the details that fill the space. The charm of cushions to create a comfortable and casual style chill out. Cushions filled with fun prints and colorful perfect for putting the cheerful touch that often need. Perfect wall shelf to give more DEPTH to our salon and take every single corner of our home.

Ikea lounges
The white sofas that characterize each of the spaces we proposed Ikea are perfect for furnishing any room or stay at we want to give more light and space; can combine perfectly with any detail or add colorful.
Colorful sofas are also present in each of the catalogs that Ikea presents each year. This time, nothing better than a blue color to provide an exquisite harmony and serenity to our room tone.

In the case where we choose sofas one color, nothing beats them joy patterned cushions to go with our personality and mark the style of our home. Neutral colors like white, the camel or gray shades are ideal for the most elegant and sophisticated rooms in which we will not have to worry about trends, given that never go out of style.

Ikea kitchens
Do not miss the latest ideas for kitchen Ikea. Bright colors, functional furniture designs for a more practical kitchen.
Ikea bedroom
Ikea’s bedrooms are ideal for both adults and children, with such a wide variety of designs available to us that it is impossible not to find the ideal for us.From the most colorful decorations even in the most sophisticated and elegant place in the Ikea catalog.




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