Billiards table crystal provides the ultimate in gaming fun

All who appreciate the exclusive, will be fascinated by the next article for sure. We present an elegant design from Italy – the innovative billiard table made ​​of crystal catches the eye by a minimalist design to be.

Room home set up pool table crystal stainless steel insert modern minimalist

Designed by Adriano Design for the luxury brand Calma e Gesso, the billiard table from crystal is definitely an eye catcher. Do not be fooled by the simple minimalist design – the pool table weighs a 750kg. The crystal elements / legs and wrapping / are supported by stainless steel.

Billiard game table glass crystal legs modern stylish stainless steel details

The exclusive table is so innovative that he was protected by several patents. The design was inspired by the game itself – there is always a moment at the beginning of each billiard game where you concentrate for a moment and the perfect kick-off plans. Many players look focused on the ball, they just want to sink. Nothing in this moment distracted the attention – not even the table itself, the transparent crystal details make a clear view so you can assess the situation better game.

Stainless Steel Crystal billiard table game luxury living beautiful decor

The pool table made ​​of crystal impressed with a sculptural design that maintains a balance between classic and modern. The glass insert relaxes on the severity of the steel members. The table exudes elegance and can be integrated perfectly into the modern living image. The pool table can both spice up one’s own interior, than be placed in hotel lobbies or cafes. We can even imagine to have such a pool table in the office. The design is one with tact kreiertes for sense of style masterpiece!

Billiard table transparent glass construction concrete flooring beautiful design

Stainless steel glass pool table modern stylish set up ideas

Crystal pool table pocket leather stainless steel construction   Stainless Steel Crystal billiard table modern furniture design simple design