Blue cushions are eccentric. Have you heard?

At the last show we lay a great accent on the decoration of the apartment. Decoration we see all these details to the home furniture and wall decoration that create the finished – Outlook of the apartment. These include all additional ceiling elements, porcelain-oder z.B metal figures in slim style, decoration – cushions, decoration for the walls. Today we will talk a bit more about the cushions, which introduce the apartment in a quite different perspective. Especially when she are decorated and colourful. Today’s article, we have chosen a very bold color – blue. Why? Because blue pillows in the trend!

blue cushions deco

Blue cushions make their living room about eccentric look. Serve perfectly to any sofa, no matter what color it is: beige, white, blue, or yellow. Red and orange in contrast. Darker furniture can be fresh in the face of a blue pillow and have a lively appearance. White furniture in combination with blue pillows make the atmosphere pleasant and are similar to the China Blue and white porcelain, which at home talking about traditions.

aqua blue pillow Bank

blue cushion sofa

blue cushions deco education

blue deco pillow cushion in blue

blue deco pillow pillow

blue pillow beige sofa

blue pillow different models

blue pillow featured

blue pillow living room

blue pillow models

blue pillow on the sofa

blue pillow series of pillow

blue pillow white chair

blue pillow window

blue pillows in the living room