Blue tiles for the bathroom – 23 modern examples

Blue is the color of water and sky, and is often associated with a sense of freedom. Due to the strong calming effect, blue is used very often in the design of bathrooms. The bath must be a retreat, where you can find a proper rest and relaxation. Tiled in blue, you can turn the bathroom into a real oasis of well-being.

blue tiles white toilet bathtub basin shelf stools

The only cold primary color is blue. Blue in the facility gives the room a sense of inner balance and calms the senses. The different nuances have different effect on the mood. The light tones such as baby blue and turquoise stand for freedom, innocence, serenity and harmony during the darker cobalt blue, greyish blue, and dark blue radiate power, confidence, and loyalty. Blue is the perfect color for rooms that serve as bedroom and bathroom for example relaxation.

Blue mosaic wood tiles white under cabinet wall mirror indirect lighting

The various shades of blue can be nicely combined with white. Especially when it comes to bathroom furnishings, this classic combination is very fresh, clean and cool. White is a color that emphasizes the sense of freedom. The combination of the two colours recalls the carefree days, the blue sky with small clouds and the waves in the ocean.

blue tile mosaic wall tiles white wooden wall mirror with cabinet

Another chic combination is this blue tiles and wood. Wood gives much heat the room and contrasts strongly with the cold blue color. The contrast is emphasized also by the different textures of the wood and the smooth tiles. So harmony and balance arises between hot and cold, depending on the contrasting colors and textures is stronger, the better.

blue tile mosaic light blue dark blue white tower tank under cabinet bathroom mirror

Blue is a color that can visually enlarge the area because of the sensual connection with sky and freedom. Many apartments are so planned that bathroom is actually the smallest room. When it comes to a small apartment can make no mistake, if you opt for sky blue bathroom tiles. The optical illusion is emphasized even in combination with stripe pattern.

blue tile shower enclosure sloped ceiling gray floor tiles cobalt blue under cabinet

The combination of blue and black is usually not very popular, because the two colors too dark and powerful, as is the bathroom, look for a small room. If you select but the colours correctly, you can make a really chic and elegant bathroom in black and blue. The simple bathroom got just the youthful spirit by some colourful accents in the street-art style. You can find a variety of tiles with different patterns on the market and make such an unusual funny bathroom without additional effort.

blue tiles baby blue white brown street art shower enclosure bathtub installed

If you choose dark blue in the bathroom, then it would be best if you compensate for the dark color with indirect lighting. Choose also tiles high gloss to the surface can reflect the light. The bathroom appears visually larger despite the dark blue color and you can use the aesthetic advantages of the chic shade at the same time. To compensate for an otherwise dark nuance is by tiles in contrasting light color such as white for example. Easily, with tiles of the same color with different texture, you can visually separate the spaces in the bathroom also.

blue tile sky blue striped shower enclosure glass wall white tank under cabinet tower

If you appreciate the feeling of spaciousness, freedom and light, then you are choosing as a combination of sky-blue floor tiles and white wall tiles. The mosaic tiles of nuances in blue and white are used as an optical connection. The bright wooden furniture give the bathroom more warmth. In this bathroom with clean minimalist design, only two colors are combined – blue and white. But it is neither cold nor boring. The effect is achieved by the careful choice of the nuances and the tiles in four different sizes.

blue tiles concrete optics floor tiles gray blue dark blue tank tower white

You can successfully combine aquamarine tiles with different textures and patterns. The blue tiles have a shiny surface with relief that reflects the light. The shower is visually separated by smooth tiles with stripe pattern. The mosaic in grey, white and blue gives a complete look and contrasts the warm wood cabinet.

This is another example how fresh and the combination of sky blue and white can look beautiful. The white grout look like stripes and together with the mosaic and the good lighting, a feeling lend the room for spaciousness. With wooden floor and some wood accents, you turn your bathroom in a cozy room for relaxation of the body and the soul. Here, the perfect balance is achieved between warm and cold and despite the cool combination of aquamarine and white, there is a sense of closeness to nature.

blue tiles dark blue gray blue mosaic indirect lighting

The lighting on the roof of the shower enclosure looks exactly like natural light from above. Beautiful light blue color at the same time stresses the sense of freedom. The floor and the shower are covered with blue tiles. So, you can place an emphasis on the popular element in the bathroom. The blue-and white combination is refreshed by decorative tiles with dot and stripe patterns.

azure blue tiles white striped dotted pattern tank tower mirror lighting

As nice as sand and sea fit dark blue and beige to each other. The balance is easily accomplished with this combination between hot and cold.If you would like a bathroom in colder strict neutral colors, then can choose quiet for the blue nuances, which are also about grey. The Cabinet reviewed the blue tone. Mosaic gives the bathroom a classic and luxurious look. The small stones by contrast their form with the tile and decorating the room.

blue tiles dark blue powder blue white bathtub basin wood vanity unit

Side by side, striped, mosaic tiles and tiles with stain patterns are laid. Quiet, you can experiment with different accents as long as the colours of the tiles fit nicely together. You can also experiment with the order of the tiles. In the picture, darker tiles are so laid that the strips are not in a series going. So, creates an illusion of movement and refreshed the look of the bathroom. It is a good idea to put the dark rectangular tile with white grout. So emerges the geometric shape better and the result is a Visual extension or increase of the area. If you decide to tiles in a single color, make the Fugue in contrasting colour. Choose tiles in the mirror so that the bathroom is not too boring.

blue tiles dark blue geometric Nuster white shower enclosure glass wall

blue tiles dark blue ocher yellow dot pattern decorative tiles wooden floor shower enclosure

blue tiles dark blue tank tower striped light blue azure white wall mirror

blue tiles down-sized dark blue cobalt blue bathroom stool white floor tiles wood

blue tiles light blue shower enclosure glass wall with black cabinet tank tower floor tiles gray wall

blue tiles light blue striped mosaic white floor tile bathtub gray wall

blue tiles pastell blue teal small format wall tiles shower enclosure

blue tiles sky blue geometric pattern white tower tank wooden floor wood vanity unit

blue tiles sky blue white jointless shower cubicle glass wall mirror

blue tiles turquoise teal mosaic pattern stain white striped wall tiles

blue tiles white wall bathtub mosaic azure shower enclosure glass

wood vanity unit sink blue mosaic tiles white striped gray floor tiles