Bohemian house Decor

If you decorate when you are someone who likes to mix old and new accessories, plus colors, textures and patterns, this style of decoration is for you. The bohemian look is achieved by combining with various types of objects creativity timeless contrasting colors and different textures.

The advantage of the bohemian style decor is that you can combine different tastes for a harmonious end result, so do not miss these
tips if you want to have an environment with a bohemian touch.
Bear in mind that the bohemian style decorating is accomplished with the mix of things, so you need not fear the use of unconventional colors or accessories. The idea of this style is to express all your originality through your personal conception of art and expression.

Bohemian Decor
From the tips give ta then takes into account those that best suit your personality, recalls that the bohemian style is out of all social rules , so it’s experimenting with decoration.

The color is always present in this style, it is valid to use the full range of colors to fill every space of a room. So to achieve using decorative wallpaper for the walls and / or ceiling, use of paints also applies to decorate the walls.

Accessories must be arranged at random , since the idea is to get the essence that characterizes gypsy bohemian style. Use metal sculptures, ribbons, fabrics, scarves, bags, pots and pillows, among others, of different colors and materials and place them without paying much attention around the room. The idea is to give the contrast between different materials and in the same space are so bright with the opaque.

Do not panic if you think that there are many accessories, because in this case more is better, place them in different areas of the room, as if they had left it there by mistake. Similarly, attempts to mix old and new accessories.
he secret of this provision is haphazard look good you achieve a certain look sloppy without the disorder.

The lighting is critical, depending on the colors you use will have to choose whether you want a light or dark light (although the low light is characteristic of this style). For this you need not sacrifice the main lighting as dark screen lamps and candles will help you achieve that environment.

If you like the bohemian style decor, do not waste time and use it in any room in your home.