Bookshelf ideas – make we from the books!

Bookshelf design – ideas on where and how you arrange your books
No electronic trends and innovations have managed to expel the bookcase from our home. The paper mills are much too strong connected with the people and their history. Usually, you need them to spread a really upscale and intellectual atmosphere in a setting. Even if you have no real Bookshelf, it seeks to integrate these wallpapers or other design elements. Today we write but not of it. Rather we pay the real modern Bookshelf ideas and the way our attention as they can be integrated in the interior design.

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The various kinds of local
Bookshelves are in ever more varied versions to experience. It has sometimes uniform structures. To get individual boards to install individually on the wall. The different solutions may be symmetrical and asymmetrical. More and more solutions that seem like great art installations can be found there.

Bookshelf Library Living Room Setting Luxurious interiors

Unusual places for the integration of bookshelves
Always unusual from a conservative perspective and varied from modern, are also the locations at which you placed bookshelves. It is by far not only in the living room or in a room specially conceived. Bookshelves have home owners in the Hall, in the kitchen, even on a porch or in the basement. More points are the stair railing or even the bed frames. Is the main principles in the modern stair design: designers strive for ergonomics and want to regulate everything so it’s reach.

Bookshelf Living wooden minimalist style sofa

The classic has its worthy place after all
A wall shelf on the wall remains still an eternal classic. Because sometimes you need exactly this to give a touch of nostalgia of the Interior. The traditional book shelf is so to say innovative interpretation. It can be created from various materials. Many colours and finishes make for the perfect finishing. You can be open or closed.

bookcases Design red zig zag pattern

Wall decoration
Interpretation of classical or modern solution? Bookshelves can represent a great element in the design of the wall. You can add contrast to these images or disappear in them to to save storage space, but visually the space do not restrict. The bookcase shelf serves wonderfully as a central, or rotation, and focal point in the room and great may correspond perfectly with other elements in the room.

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