Boxtree form cut – manuals to the form of rears plants


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Rears plants need special care without question. First of all, if they were planted as rears, a regular cut is necessary for beautiful optics. But also as single plants in the garden or even in the basin or flowerpot one considers the plant, nevertheless, still rather if she possesses a beautiful form. One calls this plants and garden art form cut. Now, however, just beginners do not trust themselves to experiment with the moles. Besides, there are so some helpful tricks with which you can get problem-free the wished form.

Fitting in addition we have put together some manuals for the box tree form cut with which you form not only different forms but also different kinds of the form cut wood can cut. Now, at last, you can venture on the edges of your loved rears!
book tree form-cut hedges arranges patch verge green balls
To rears should not be cut during hot days, because then you risk that the fresh sheets and twigs dry up. That’s the way the late summer or spätestend the early autumn is the perfect time for the cut. As well as you should not have it too hastily, you may also not wait too long. Since frost and low temperatures disagree with the new sheets as well like heat. Cut your rears plants one to two times per year.
If you repeat the cut every year, it will also always simply fall to you to execute the box tree form cut. This is considered naturally also to other rears plants. How often they should be cut, depends on the kind. Finally, every plant grows differently quickly. But you will state already when the correct moment has come for the form cut with boxtree in the garden because the form has become irregularly. Naturally, is considered also to all other botanical species.
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