Bring Food from Home to the Office Without Losing the Style!

We show you the most fun and stylish ‘lunch bag’ market. So you can eat in the office, healthy and, of course, with glamor

We are in crisis, no doubt. For many things-most-is a real nuisance. But you have to be able to see an opportunity in every difficulty added. The opportunity to do things differently, to organize otherwise enjoying the small pleasures … like homemade food.
Stated otherwise, take food from home to work. We may take longer to cook on the weekends or in the evenings free. But get a more balanced diet lead in most cases, when menu ate.

Food cup's


So go ahead and get to it.Mind you, considering that you have to bring in containers daily lunch conditioned for it. To maintain the proper temperature, kept in perfect condition and they do not leak on the way to work.
You’ll be surprised because in this field the variety is wide and really aesthetic. A good example is the proposed Cuisine Paradiso. actually two. On the one hand, tight pie plate which has an area for sauces and includes a handy fork.
On the other, a “lunch pot ‘which includes two containers, one stacked on the other, to enjoy a two course meal complete.The two compartments for separating dishes or dry and liquid ingredients, yogurt and cereals, salad and dressing, main course and dessert and much more. Both jars of food as well as the pan can be heated in microwave and dishwasher safe.

food bag

Those of Iris will offer no less than three possibilities. The most fashionable of all is called Lola and designed by Galician Jose Castro. The collection consists of two models with an interior bags unexpected: a bag to carry lunch with their containers to match the bags.
Meanwhile, Eva is a hexagonal pattern that also includes two containers inside and extra space for cutlery, dessert and drink. It is available in black, gray sable, gray and chocolate brown lead.
Finally, Dome is a thermal bag, including three vessels and to place a tray or fruit drink. The easiest of this bag is that the zipper opening offers almost complete, so that the food can be taken without fear of dump inside.

modern bag

We ended up with Spanish experts in the field: Valira .  Among its multitude of possibilities that we like is the newest of all the ‘Nomad Take Away.’ Is the most versatile of all because it is flexible.
And it can be in three different ways: over the shoulder, hand and folded in on itself. If you choose the latter, you can take it in your gym bag, purse, backpack …
In height enter up to three airtight containers (sold separately), so you can take two or three courses, a bottle, thermos, dessert cutlery etc.

The same firm also has a ‘lunch bag’ specially designed for kids in the house se ven obligados a llevar la comida de casa al cole . are forced to bring food from home to school. It has metallic fabric easy to clean toilet, two airtight containers and includes glass.
Also have them in two different models, both of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Like all Valira carrying lunchboxes, the interior is insulated and provides both thermal protection and easy cleaning.