Cafe Decoration Ideas

Cafe interior Design “Lolita Kofehauz” (Lolita Coffeehouse) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was the logical result of a collaboration between studios “Trije Arhitekti” and “Kaval Group”, who tried to make the atmosphere in this place as an authentic, cozy and pleasant for visitors to the town. Cafe demonstrates impressive amount of detail, some of which must seem interesting and unusual. Coffee space bathed in natural light coming through two large historic windows, which also provide a direct link to the pedestrian area, located in the street. Thus, passers-by can see inside and allow yourself to be sucked into this unique environment.
The total area of coffee is 160 square meters, which was more than enough for the designers to create a cozy place for coffee breaks. Original racks were used as “decoration wall” and a place that can demonstrate the different treats. Painted brick walls create a great visual contrast to the rest of the white walls and complement the wallpaper on the ceiling (with a traditional atmosphere.) Overall, Ljubljana “Lolita Kofehauz” seems quite fresh and appealing as any good modern cafe.













Source: Journal Natalie Shatalova