Caleidostudio projected Madrid showroom of designer Kerstin Krause

The firm Caleidostudio , founded by interior architects Ana Canyon and Laura Arribas, has recently made ​​the showroom of designer couture Kerstin Krause , in Madrid. The expacio is situated in the exclusive Salamanca district, the hub of fashion in the capital.

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From the beginning, their two leaders wanted to give the project a neutral and timeless character that multiplies its only 16 m2, making the space seem much larger. This neutral line, detached from fads, makes the showroom can accommodate, without detracting from the different collections each season presents signature and consistent quality to it.

Caleidostudio diseña el showroom de Kerstin Krause

To this end, we used the same fine materials in all elements of the project: the tester, racks, mirror, labels, tables and stools are constructed of strips of rectangular shape (section 8 x 3cm) solid oak wood and unpainted brushed aluminum sheets.

Caleidostudio diseña el showroom

As a complement, have also used high-quality textiles, present in both the carpet, natural wool, and the curtains Tester, wild silk.

Kerstin Krause Madrid

The overall result is a cozy space that conveys a sense of luxury and naturalness so serene.

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About Caleidostudio:
Caleidostudio is a design studio based in Madrid, dedicated to interior design, set design, graphic design, 3D computer graphics, industrial design, multimedia and web design. Caleidostudio emerged in 2005 from the collaboration of Ana Canyon and Laura Arribas, both interior architects for the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM).
Although it was they conceived originally as an interior design studio, soon saw the need to expand the supply of services, and providing solutions, graphic and industrial design, set design and computer graphics 3D, becoming a multidisciplinary studio able to provide a comprehensive response design their customers.
The vision of the interior of Caleidostudio goes beyond decoration: “We think the interior has the ability to change the ‘spirit’ of the spaces, to alter the way we interact with architecture. We create the right elements, selecting the right materials. The furniture and atmosphere are important, but not essential, because it is something mobile, you can remove, add, change, and rarely works autonomously but depends on an environment and must always be supported by a good project. ”

Kerstin Krause

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