Candles Types

If we think about what we used candles 10 years ago, remember that the only role they had was when the light of our house and would decoration-with-candles-candles-Floating-on-stone-and-flowerneed to light the different areas. Today, the role of candles has changed dramatically and now, candles are much more decorative than a couple of figures or tables on unit.

Types of Candles

If you have not signed up for the fashion of the candles, but want to know how you can find out what you must use candles, we will explain what types of candles are best for every occasion, which is its name and function.

Candle types used in the decoration
Tea lights
These candles are as we all know. Are small and last 4 to 5 hours. They usually come in one packet many varying the package 12 to 24 or even large packs of 100.

Some of these candles are scented and are perfect to place in strategic places around the house and acclimate the area.

Surely you’ve seen those are candles that can be found in different shapes like apples, houses, angels, and everything you can think of. Its function is to decorate and rarely come to light, so many of them have no fragrance and if they do it’s only for a while.

Traditional candles
How the name suggests, are the candles that we used lifetime. Typical candles that you put in you light chandelier for a romantic dinner. These candles can find them in different colors and even sizes.

See floating
These are my favorites. They are candles that are placed on the water and float. It is mainly used in Japanese style decorations.

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Popular Candle Types

scented candles

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Types of Candles Description