Care, cleaning Marble kitchen countertop

Countertops are the most visible of all the furniture in kitchen and marble is one of the materials most commonly used as kitchen countertop . Marble is a stone very beautiful and noble, but it is a delicate material than other types of natural stone. Keeping it clean helps preserve and durability.


Care, cleaning and marble
Marble is a porous material that stains easily, so if you want to put this material countertop in the kitchen, cleaning and maintenance should be constant.

Basic cleaning: the most used method for cleaning marble is very simple, you simply need to pass a sponge or cloth soaked in a mixture of water and soap. Of course, if the spots are deeper, you will have to use other techniques.

Precautions: It is recommended to use a cutting board. And do not place hot containers s never particularly casting, recently removed from heat, oven, microwave, etc.., Directly on the counter because the heat can damage any surface.

How to clean stains on marble
When a porous material easily absorbs the fat or oil spots, and is very sensitive to acids.

Grease or oil stains: Fat is one of the main enemies of marble, especially when used in the kitchen. Marble is sensitive to the action of acids and fats and is therefore easier spotting. In the event that the oil or grease stains and persistence resist can use bleach and plaster mix. On the spot you can apply this mixture and let stand for half an hour. After this time, therefore only necessary to remove the mixture by wiping with soap and water.

Marble tarnishing
Regarding the loss of brightness, requires recover generally professional use. Wear marble surfaces, especially in soil , resulting in the loss of degree of polishing, and consequently, the brightness.