Care for your home during winter

Tips for caring for your plants indoors: Having plants inside your home gives a touch of life and serenity to your space, whether the living room, kitchen or bedroom, but you must keep them in good condition.Here are some tips to make your plants look healthy and beautiful.

Winter Decor

1. Choose the right plants
By buying your plants ask the clerk how long it required daily sun and how often you should water them. This is the big secret to keep them healthy: the combination of sun and water.

Two. Try not to mix
Mix plants requires choosing ones that have more or less the same sun and water needs. Otherwise, one can neglect and leave the other in poor condition or in the worst case, neglecting both. One plant per pot is ideal.

Three. Be careful when transplanting
If you replace the pot plant, remember that it is an operation of great care for her. Water the plant an hour before making the change and worry about their roots. If the pot is too tight, try to hit the base to go with gentleness.

April. The land is fundamental
The choice of land on which to grow your plants is very important. Never use soil in your garden or your backyard because it may contain insects or pests. Looking for a land preferably include some fertilizer or retain moisture. If you do not find this mixture can search both components separately.

Tips to survive the winter grass

grass Care Instructions

Although it may seem that no, the grass also needs care during the winter. As is the case with other garden plants and shrubs, we should pay a little attention.
Lawn Care in winter: risks more widely spaced and infrequent precipitation. If it does not rain, water once or twice a month at most.

Cleaning the field: remove fallen leaves and clean thoroughly before mowing.
Cutting the grass: not too short to not check out the roots from the cold. Cut after dew fungi from appearing with moisture. As with the rest of the vegetables, lawns also decreases its activity with the arrival of cold, but we have to Give you some tasks such as cutting or mowing, drainage and airy and at the end of winter, replanted or reseeding.

The importance of the grass cutting
To care for a lawn properly is very important to remove fallen leaves and clean the surface before cutting. This will prevent the grass from rotting and grass seedlings sick and die. It should not be too short as it can weaken the grass and roots unprotected against the cold, allowing the moss and weeds become more resistant to cold.

One of the biggest dangers is lawn fungus growth. To avoid we not cut immediately after the spray, because moisture and debris accumulation is the culture broth. Therefore it is appropriate to do so when it is dry.
Other lawn care to consider winter

Lawn cuts will be more spaced in winter because it grows more slowly. If we have variety of species, each will be impacted differently cold, which together with the different absorption of nutrients will smudging.

The grass hardly needs watering because with the morning humidity and rain or snow of the season will be enough. In the absence of precipitation, water once a week. At the end of the season, when turf grass begins to grow, you can do a rake grass as affecting only the surface. If winter severe frosts have occurred, should pass the roller to firm the ground.With this convenient maintenance, have a lawn care and prepared for spring and hatching activity and beauty.