Carnival costumes – 15 unusual ideas for more fun in 2016

When it comes to Carnival, most people immediately think of Cologne (as loathe to admit this some people from other cities). Here, it seems the tradition to have taken the deepest roots.

make Carnival costumes diy ideas clown itself has pom poms

However, the Carnival has become as popular in recent years? The modern trends in what play a role? These questions lead to controversial discussions. We want to deal with such questions now something deeper. We are of the opinion that the coexistence of tradition and new trends lead to the emergence of quite interesting LLC.

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“Mer instead all op the Kopp” – a traditional or modern motto?

How should we understand the Carnival motto by 2016? Namely “Mer instead all op the Kopp” it means (we put everything on the head). Is this set for the changed attitude of the costume? Or does it rather mean that we so much want to celebrate in a traditional way, as we can?

Carnival costumes costumes for kids DIY ideas owl elk

The first interpretation is closer to us. In this article we would like to consider what has to mean it, to make the traditional idea of the Carnival costume on his head.

In a shop to buy the costume, or rather something tinker

To make everything on the head regarding costumes, each for itself can be interpreted. Do completely different just this year! Have you bought has always been the greatest costumes from the specialized shops? Take time this year for an even handcrafted costume. Plan and sew together, this together with family, friends, even with your kids!

Carnival costumes diy ideas birthday candle flame golden striped clothing

DIY can mean simply making an exciting panel of ordinary garments. Sometimes they suffice, along with matching makeup ideas, accessories, or thematic articles, to be super original and attractive by the Carnival.

Carnival costumes diy ideas child costume small young woman blue sea pink ruffles

Does anyone in your family birthday coming? Or do you have someone to make up something? Is there any other occasion for a great gift. Take advantage of the opportunity to give away a Carnival costume. This gives very much sympathy for real fans. During the greatest moments of the Carnival, that person will think of you. So what improved human conditions!

Carnival costume that emphasizes their own individuality or hidden?

Do you want to hide your individuality based on your Carnival Costumes or stress? The first approach would be more traditional and the more – modern. You have the opportunity to experiment with the contrast of the two approaches.

Carnival costumes diy ideas colorful fantasy costumes cartoon characters

Here are some tips for those who want to remain uniquely modern during the Carnival season. The home-made or made to measure costumes are especially suitable. The lines and colours must currently work at modern costumes. At the moment there are super trendy the simple lines and natural colours in combination with bright accents and nuances. The theme will be integrated more discreet. Not dominated, it is represented in a stylised form and thanks to Accessories.


Carnival costumes diy ideas children costume clown polka dots colorful hair yarn

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Carnival costumes diy ideas recycled dress newspapers

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