Carpet design with the highest quality of figure

A Design Studio from the Netherlands stands behind this dazzling carpet design. Incredibly realistic and effective contemporary illustrations of the highest quality carpet fabric will be printed. 16 base tones caused by mixing of 648 different colors will be printed at a resolution 76 DPI on Naylon material for carpets (that means 9 pixels / 1 mm).

carpet design around flowers marcel wanders eden queen

Mooi is a Dutch Design Studio based in Milan and offers creative flooring solutions for hotels, apartments or exhibition stands. A part of the production was created through the cooperation with 14 designers and is just one example of a print concept that knows no boundaries. A carpet can you even your own design or capture with the camera, download and order in the online shop. Eventually you get a personalized unique product with the highest quality of the colour and design already secured material. A width of up to 4 metres and each length is feasible and the production is designed for small quantities. Now, the imagination knows no bounds when it comes to carpet design. Be inspired by the inspirational ideas for floor design!

carpet design around celestial edward van vliet eden queen marcel wanders  carpet design color scribble black black front modern contemporary modern blue uabergine

carpet design colorful modern round couch chair stool beside tables plank floor red

carpet design crystal fire marcel wanders red pink crystal structure

carpet design dry marcel wanders dry structure geometry beige light

carpet design George flower collection vendor pink symmetry lines

carpet design interior couch upholstered coffee table lights modern driftwood mix

carpet design interior home interior couch armchair coffeetable poster shine

carpet design marcel wanders black and white ornament sculpture lamp modern table chairs

carpet design moooi quality residential landscape seating furniture modern light zeitgenossisch couces armchair

carpet design neri hu remnant black and white photo floral design blue vintage

carpet design print designer marcel wanders tomorrow ornament details realistic

carpet design realistic liquid maple broesenlukas maple logs LIQUID

carpet design round dining table stuehele upholstered wood interior modern

carpet design seaweed ross lovegrove designer modern realistic algae water

carpet design texture color black art silhouette modern quality pressure

carpet design their own collection oxidized modern photo realistic carpet

checkered red carpet design white sofa table lamp e1434961385540 modern sideboard

design around colorful armchair sofa-modern carpet cushion gray pattern

design-Julian carpet blue pattern white blue marcel wanders

moooi colored colorful carpet design DexterSinister Jurgen Bey

red carpet design hexagon blue studio job modern designer collection

red carpet design moooi designer print quality couch pattern table lamp

red carpet design sculpture modern walls whiteground covered gray pattern