Carpet for stairs – dress the stairs in your home

Choose the right carpet for stairs and decorate the staircase You typically moved the floor in the room with a carpet, if you want to make them really habitable. A beautiful carpet makes the ground is not so empty and ensures more comfort in the room. With a carpet, it managed not only the rooms but also the staircase. Exactly on the stair carpets, we now turn our attention.

Andre carpet elegant staircase wooden floor hallway ideas

While it created the concept for the interior design by the furniture, to create the real feeling of living in a room by textiles and patterns. To move the staircase with a carpet, select also for similar reasons. The stair carpet has in fact several functions. He protects the stairs from wear and tear and is often a nice decorative element.

Andre carpet striped of wooden poles

The carpet for stairs is not always a typical carpet. In most cases, it involves carpet runners. And if the stair structure consists of individual steps, which are not connected to each other, but freely available, it’s individual pieces for each step. Choose the right stairway carpet can mean much for the staircase. He is a kind of decoration, as well as a functional solution how to partially avoid the pollution of the stairs. Should the carpet but be narrower than the stairs only partially cover this, or be wider and cover all the steps? If the stairs made of beautiful material is made, it would be perhaps better on the first variant to put. Then, the staircase is visible, and you can enjoy them. For greater convenience and safety, you could hold the stair carpet by metal rods.

Andre carpet several narrow design beautiful mural painting

The carpet pattern is crucial when it comes to the sense of space. It would be good if you vote on the carpet on the wall tiling. So the room is, in most cases that the corridor as a whole is out. Choose a carpet, which beautifully inscribed in the Interior, or such, which could serve as eye-catchers.

Andre carpet zebra pattern beautiful interior design ideas

Beautiful pattern of carpet for stairs

Carpet for stairs elegant pattern white wall paint

Carpet for stairs gray carpet runner yellow accents

Carpet for stairs gray carpet runners white railing open living plan

Carpet for stairs hall interior stairs striped rug

Carpet for stairs unusual pattern beautiful mural painting

Carpet for stairs wooden stairs red pattern

Checkered pattern long curtains stair carpet

Fresh pattern of carpet for stairs

metal rods carpet for stairs bright elegant

stair carpet design dress-white floor tile hallway

stair carpet living room carpet plant white wall paint

stair carpet striped rug red carpet

stripe stair carpet-carpet runners metal rods schmall