Cashmere marble washbasin

Design unique and original, due to recall the plots of cashmere textiles, takes shape in the ‘homonymous new collection  . Cashmere , precisely, is a washbasin in marble, which comes with a distinctive oval in shape with extended storage service (soap) or ornamentals (scented candles).Thanks to the particular texture of marble and its shape has a design and a style that is well suited al’arredo modern.

Cashmere Green Marble

The slender shape, absolutely new, gives the room a touch of elegance and personality. Kreeo proposes the Cashmere and placed on top of wood or marble, but also on consoles also in marble or drawers. Recommended materials that enhance the dynamism of the shape of the basin are Estremoz Black and White Calacatta (clear, veined but whitish), Grey St. Marie (a particular shade of gray, almost a pastel highlights the materiality) and Nero Marquina ( a marble dark, almost black, with white veins and silver that make it very special.)

The marble is a very sleek and shiny. So it is so used both in decoration with sculptures and other figures as in all types of floors, tiles, walls, etc. However, it is a very porous material and when oil stain hard time removing stains, though polished and sealed to prevent spoilage. Today we tell you how to remove these stains and some tricks to keep in good condition this item.

Avoid cleaning the marble with abrasive, ie make sure the detergent is neutral. Nor has it anything to clean it with water only. Then you pass a dry cloth and then get to polish it. Do not use vinegar or lemon and acid they contain may be damaged. It uses these substances only home when you want to remove a stain, but you know: without going to the amount of vinegar or lemon. For stubborn stains (coffee or wine), resorts to borax. Just two teaspoons mixed in 250 cc of water.
If the countertop or floor have been dull, clean the surface with water and a bit of wax. Nor should abuse because they accumulate wax layers, marble darkens (for example, white becomes yellowish). If it still does not regain its luster, you can make a polished home: put salt over the surface, rub with a damp cloth and then removed and dried. You will make look again at its best!
For oil stains grease using a detergent, such as you use for the dishwasher. Rub gently to force the product as possible and the stain is ‘absorbed’. If this is not sufficient, the test peroxide mixed with tap water. Leave it and then clean with mild soap. If after all not regain its luster, you can always polish.

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