Catering furniture – when the furniture becomes the hallmark

The modern gastronomy is a well-being area, where guests can relax in the pleasant ambience and end the day with friends or celebrate special occasions with the family. A well-thought-out concept, which is reflected in every detail – from the menu card to the furnishings – gives the room personal touch and identity. The gastronomy furniture plays the leading role – in combination with subtle lighting and matching decoration, they ensure the authentic look of the interior.

Catering furniture table glass plate-luxury facility

The first step towards a successful interior is the planning. This first phase begins with the elaboration of a philosophy that is transferred to the kitchen and the facility. If for example, delicious dishes are prepared using local ingredients, a room concept with an open kitchen is optimal. Guests will feel comfortable in a puristic interior with fine wooden furniture, while at the same time enjoying the high-quality ingredients while observing the cooking process. A space concept with a tailor-made buffet as a view and a cosy lounge area with fire place offers the possibility to relax in a luxurious ambience. Screens can visually separate the tables from each other. The design fits perfectly with France-inspired food and wine varieties.

Catering furniture terrace-wood tables-rattan chairs

Elegant leather furniture in combination with handmade carpets and raised tables of dark wood ensure comfort in the modern country house style. The concept of space becomes the trademark of small store hotels in the middle of nature. Many other designs are possible – there are virtually no limits to the imagination – it is important that these are matched to the location, the guest profile and the restaurant concept. Regardless of which variant is ultimately decided, philosophy should link the individual elements in the interior and leave a lasting impression.

Dining furniture-leather-chairs-wood-table-family-party Dining-furniture-equipment Oak wood furniture partition-White Dining-furniture-purist interior design wooden partition make catering furniture terrace design-Italian style