Ceiling Decorations

Decorate the ceiling with elegance and style without involving a team of masons is possible, and now even easier, thanks to these practices Ceiling decorations can prune a touch of originality and color to any room.Any advice and a small gallery of images to navigate to the decoration and furnishing of houses with high ceilings, to enhance the space and to bring visually spaces are too far away.This is what you are asking many people who find themselves a house with very high ceilings, the first feeling you have about it, in fact, is the frustration of living all the extra space that extends vertically as unusable, or even worse , wasted.


For this, decorators and architects and interior designers have long been ingegnano to find solutions that “approximate” visually the ceiling and at the same time to creatively using the space and create ad hoc decorations. And many times, this research result in internal extraordinarily interesting, surprising for the amount of air and light that other homes may not have and will never have.

One of the preferred solutions for environments with very high ceiling is that of the loft, which allows you to create another plan or even just a platform-corridor that runs along the perimeter of the house, where you can install a wall bookcase that furnishes, decorates and heats an environment that may appear visually a bit ‘chilly.

Another solution that is often adopted in cases such as this is to double the number or size of windows to flood the house with light by day and enjoy spectacular views of starry sky at night (if the location of the house allows, of course). Those who want to “disguise” the high ceiling rather than enhance its potential should be used for the upper parts of the house, warm, dark colors, which tend to “lower” the ceiling visually and warm the atmosphere. The panels of wood, in all shades of color and with all the finishes are among the most widely used solutions.

Still, some might think to decorate everything extra wall space by creating a mural, or simply fend for himself and paint the ceiling and a few feet of the wall of another color, maybe lit and bright, optically to rebalance the allocation of space.

Here is a small gallery of images that, perhaps they can be an inspiration. If you have the opposite problem you might find interesting our article on how to decorate with low ceilings . Made from Beerd van Stoffum, these beautiful ceiling decorations are available in five different forms, can be adapted to any type of ceiling and any room, from the living room to the bed room, from kitchen to bathroom.

They can be used, for example, to frame a chandelier from the ceiling or even alone, plus they can also be painted the color you want, allowing you to have them in the exact color you have in mind and that fits better to your decor . Obviously if you want to recreate a more elegant and classic advice is to paint them the same color as the ceiling, while if you want a more youthful and modern can go overboard with the colors and contrasts, to achieve a unique effect. And they are also easy to assemble!


Ceiling Decorations