Cement .. Chandeliers to Tetrapod

Hahaha! Do not think that we’ve gone crazy! when you see the pictures, you will see as you begin to love tetrapods! …

According to the wiki …
“A tetrapod is a structure composed of four axes, by way of stylized tetrahedron, given its ability to intrincarse with analys figures ogas and their geometric stability, as always rests on three feet in a stable equilibrium, it has been used in civilians (particularly in the construction of breakwaters) and military construction (to block the passage of troops or civilians, sometimes reinforced with barbed wire.) It was invented by Spanish engineer José Toran to the works of the naval base of Rota (Cádiz ). ”

Padding cement

Well there is the technical explanation of the matter … Now go our own, but do not use that many “palabros” is more homespun … A tetrapod is based on the idea of these figures we use today to create some amazing DIY cement and inspired by this form structures located on the Sea of South Korea. There is nothing … Hahaha!

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