Centerpiece with written Christmas balls

We can make all kinds of Christmas centerpieces, also of all sizes and styles, only have to be original and the rest will be displayed during the meal that guests will appreciate while they eat and have fun, so it is always mentioned the fact that is the most important Christmas decoration, here we have written Christmas balls to decorate.


When they want to start with this craft for Christmas they will need it will be white tulle or silk, brushes, white paint, white vegetable painting, cherries and a rectangular dish to be able to display everything that prepared this time.

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We will start the decoration with the part of the painting for this Christmas table Center, for them we will take vegetable painting first and pass to paint cherries doing all sorts of drawings on them, they can here leave the imagination, because that would be very good whatever you do, could make spirals, paint them whole, only the back of the same, either a symbol of Christmas, then with acrylic paint must be written on the Christmas balls, this is the part of the craft to be seen more in the center of table for Christmas, is who should pay attention, above all should be clear the letter and the message, in this If you write “HO-HO – HO” alluding to the laughter of Santa Claus, but clearly you will write what they want.

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Lastly to assemble the presentation of this work Christmas must be placed on the rectangular plate 3 Christmas balls, then by all front Iran cherries already decorated with tulle or silk arm monkeys and put them neatly on the balls to give the perfect finish to the table, it is optional that can put under a white napkin so you hold everything and leave him in the position that they want to.

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