Ceramic art installation decorates every restaurant in this restaurant

The designers from the interior design and design studio Rockwell Group recently designed the interior of the new Nobu restaurant in New York. The restaurant has three separate guest rooms: the main restaurant and two private. As part of the interior design, the studio commissioned the Canadian ceramist Pascale Girardin to create a modern ceramic art installation for each area. These should enhance the design of the restaurant and give it a unique look.

art installation-ceramic-restaurant-hospitable space-ambiente-decoration

The first ceramic art installation is located in the main guest room and is designed by the collaboration of Rockwell Group and Pascale Girardin. The work of art is like an original wall design and consists of small ceramic pieces, similar to briquettes of charred wood. They are arranged in such a way that they look like a great brush stroke on the walls. For the entire installation, a total of 3500 elements were produced and transported from Montreal to New York. They were then attached piece by piece to the plastered red wall. To make the entire wall design even more original, the walls are designed with indirect lighting. In this way, the art installations can be put into the scene and create an exclusive ambience.

art installation-ceramic-restaurant-shelves-toepfer were-sake-bottle

The second ceramic art installation is also designed by the collaboration of the designers and is located in the private guest room. The walls in the room are again decorated, but they are two- and three-dimensional blocks, similar to the Japanese Boro textiles. The cobalt blue elements are glazed and create an original, structured effect. The built-in LED lights create wonderful light effects, while at the same time placing the work of art at the centre.

art installation-ceramic-restaurant-wall design-glazed-clogs art installation-ceramic-restaurant-wall-briquettes-charred-wood-optics