Ceramic Bathroom different patterns, designs and colors

When a quarter as important as the provision of health bathroom was designed so is the choice of design and pattern of the ceramic , this time we will see a series of photos with different types of tiles from choosing the size to tone color and set to achieve the desired effect.In Build Home we divided the different types of ceramic according to the design you want to achieve, however they have been carefully selected with the best examples, let’s start:

Tips on Using Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic designs for cooling effect
An excellent combination of ceramics more heavenly toned floor and white ceiling make it a pretty lit bathroom (ceramic Fabceramiche )
The tones of the ceramic have made the environment look shiny and gives a feeling of freshness.Design a bathroom with blue ceramic
This blue color tone and texture with lighting to get through dichroic lights give a modern, elegant look to this small space
Ceramic Design heavenly tones.A “refreshing” design blue bathroom.Green ceramic in bathroom designs.A bathroom which highlights green pottery at the bottom of the shower is a phosphorescent green ledge that gives the finishing touch to the finished.


Design bathroom green ceramic,Ceramic green sheets with special designs for nature lovers,Models ceramic textile designs for bathrooms
Bright bathroom with red tiles and white sanitary,Where the mirror is located has been applied to ceramic textile design with some walls brown colored derivatives give a unique design to this bath,Ceramic bathroom Warps,This design ceramic bathroom is becoming popular in new buildings,Ceramic bathroom with wallpaper design,Did you ever think that wallpaper designs, in this case applied to ceramics, also look great bathrooms?, Look at the contrast was achieved with different shades and textures,Ceramic brown colored bathrooms
The color brown we see that much applied in bathrooms where you want to give a picture of elegance and seriousness.


Ceramic bathroom lilac
Combines ceramic design with flowers and lilac tones, low tones of white health,Ceramic Designs juveniles reasons
Black ceramic bathroom Young,A special design for the bathrooms of the youngest in the house, can be customized according to your style
Design ceramic figure of town,When it comes to figure compositions add to the bathroom, this is a great example with the profile of a city in the shower,Classic ceramic designs,Bathroom with ceramic classic design.


If you want the bathroom in your house you look as if it were your room or hall and the overall design of decoration is not apart, put tiles on the floor that resemble wood and ceramic walls color tone other walls.
Ceramics pair shaped bath brick gray,The shaped ceramic brick is also great for decorating bathrooms, if properly combined with designs outstanding health effects can be obtained,Ceramic design bathroom for ladies,Combination of ceramics with different shades and designs to achieve the desired effect, take into account the equipment like lighting lamps
Modern ceramic bathroom designs bathroom edgy,Different types of baldoas in bathroom,A sleek, understated design Restrooms
Modern ceramic bathroom,Black, blue and light blue ceramic with a hanging lamp make this bathroom design in futuristic
We have prepared an article on how to design a bathroom small so you have the fundamentals needed when you want to start with remodeling.




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