Chairs and stools for kitchen islands

Chairs and stools for kitchen in any kitchen island Islands is an Important element, but it is much more in modern style Open kitchens. In Addition to STI practical function marks them of divider element of work and dining areas. But the same can be an area islands Also where to have breakfast, drink something light or even eat informally When We Do not have space for a dining area.

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In These cases, part of the design of the island, you must take into account the seats That we will Incorporate into the island to use them to eat or drink in them. Given the height of Islands seat are normally used them formally stools. This does not remove Sometimes the island That May be low and we can use chairs.

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Of course there are plenty of kitchen islands designs, Classic presented an eave on the front Which Allows you to use it as a table, under the space Often Placed the stools. In other cases the separation can be side and Middle Island will be used as a work area and the other half will consist of a kind of attached table.

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Also we can find That the table is attached perpendicular to the island. Here we can use chairs yes That suit us best. It is a magnificent solution for the area of ​​work and the dining room together in the same space. May be used as stools Also a way to add color, and not just the island but all the decor kitchen.

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We can even use stools different colors to brighten the kitchen environment Formal Where this is excessively. Although we use the same model of stool we can change the color of the upholstery or Have them custom covers. In a dark kitchen, as above, an island in an eye-catching colored Instead is a great way to bring light and life to the decoration.

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Another use That we can give to the stools is to act as links Between the various elements of the kitchen. So choose the color of the floor or furniture stools. Also it is very well using classical style stools in a kitchen cutting current as we see just above.In terms of materials we can opt for wood or metal, can Currently, be found in other, Although Also modern materials. Metal stools stand out for ITS visual lightness and Its geometry.

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