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The chaise longues have already appeared in a previous article of furniture magazine. However, I refuse to go back to talk about them from time to time, as they are a piece of furniture that fascinates me. And I must not be the only one, because since Roman times are very popular … Do you remember the typical scenes of the emperor lying on his chaise longue, eating grapes served by beautiful slaves?


In this article I’ll show you a fantastic collection that recreates bygone designs with an updated nostalgic flavor makes them objects of desire for most modern interiors.

Early twentieth century
This is a collection of chaise longues recently launched a British furniture company called Bed-e-Buys. Creators of the designs have been inspired by successful series like Downtown Abbey for its line. Inspired by designs from the early twentieth century, chaise longues and harmonious show classic lines that can be updated with more daring upholstery. For example, Animal-inspired prints (leopard, zebra …), so fashionable this season.

Fun Fabrics: Good idea
The collection offers upholstery such “wild” (always imitation, huh? … From skins, nothing) and many others, to complete a range of forty different tissues. Though you can find the chaise longues on their website, I also propose to take a peek trails, shops unpacking and secondhand furniture. If you find some that you like, do not hesitate to restore and upholster it in a fun way: consanguineous furniture unique and very original. And lest you lacking ideas, I show some of the designs of Bed-e-Buys. Fantastic!




Classic small chaise from The Chaise Longue

Classic Style Chaise Longue



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