Chandelier with Umbrella

What more can have an umbrella applications only serve to protect people from the rain? As with the decoration crafts proposed in this blog, you may find that actually there are many uses for everyday things of everyday life. In today’s article shows how you can take advantage of a simple umbrella to make a lamp for any room in the home.
Materials :

An umbrella.
A bulb with cable.
Scissors / Cutter.

Procedure :

Firstly there to cut the inside of the umbrella to remove the handle portion. For this you can use scissors or a cutter, but the important thing is to let the metal part that holds the fabric intact as this will help to give a better look to the lamp.
Then there you go inside the cable umbrella that will be connected the bulb.
In the event that the metal clips are not still leaving open umbrella, it is advisable to use glue line to set the bars to the fabric.
Finally, but would place the bulb and the lamp and be completely finished.

Heaving the Chandelier

Chandelier -- umbrella

Chandelier with Umbrella

Clean a Chandelier

Light Chandelier In Umbrella

Light Chandelier In Umbrella Shape



rock and crystal umbrella chandelier


Umbrella Chandelier

Umbrella Chandelier idea