Chandeliers and interior design styles: country house , Modern and antique

you love the exclusive design and want to give your living quarters really shine? Then a majestic chandelier ceiling would have to be right for you Exactly! For centuries, the crystal pendants of lush light donors Provide admiration – now there are modern variants and most unusual colors and shapes.

Chandelier gold living room pop art decor colors

Actually fit chandelier to nearly any style of furnishing, the interior lights anywhere glamorous accents.

The country house style: many love him due to his comfortable livability. Here dominant natural materials and warm colors and patterns! The rural charm of this style of setup can be through a chandelier, beautifully complement each other. Its warm light Creates to atmosphere did harmonize perfectly with the cozy country-house style. Friends of crisp, mostly bright Scandinavian design can enhance Their decor with at opulent chandeliers. Light brown or black here exciting contrast can set and at the same time be a pleasant fixture in the middle of the room.

chandelier retro sputnik style brass ball white Living Room

He works Mainly with old lenses, but total said: the shabby chic is loved love especially by younger people. The painting of shabby chic furniture is oft-edited with sand paper, the colors have faded. This has HOWEVER not shabby, but very charming. Chandelier fit perfectly into this picture – So They exude the charm of times past and put with their light the oft highly customized device perfectly in a scene.

chandeliers black pop art living room furniture stained

A daring, but the  great combination: pop art style chandeliers and shine. The retro-style impressions with rounded shapes and bright colors. Colorful art prints on the wall are as well as the squirming lava lamp on the side table. A chandelier is stylish in this atmosphere if it is fitted with different colored light bulbs, for example. So chandelier in matte shades or interior lights in neon colors come out big in the pop art style.

chandelier kitchen country house flowers white wooden floors white brick walls

The fact is: with the Appropriate lighting, we can produce any Desired atmosphere in our living rooms. So, we design with chandeliers

crystal chandelier branches vintage bedroom canopy bed

crystal chandelier shabby chic dining room floor vase