Change the ‘look’ of kitchen with Island Cabin Kitchen Island

Change the ‘look’ of your kitchen with Island Kitchen Island Cabin inspired kitchen designs from the 60s. This beautiful and versatile kitchen island with a clear retro air is adapted to the needs and comforts of modern cuisine and fits perfectly with the designs of Nordic-style open kitchen, industrial, natural, rustic chic or eclectic.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Noted for its counter solid oak and large closets provide plenty of space for all essential kitchen accessories such as the rand pots, pans and various gadgets.

The rest of the structure is also made ​​of wood with a white lacquer and metal handles some inspiration vintage . The design reminds me of the old butcher fridges, which still retain some shops and some would go crazy to have in your kitchen.

dynamic kitchen cabinets

A cabinet clear retro inspiration with very simple lines but with a great personality , a contemporary piece, perfect for a charming kitchen and to all those who are passionate about cooking and need a large space to work.

white kitchen cabinets

They recommend that do not use chemicals to clean the counter , as would dispose of the finish that protects the wood, just recommend using a damp cloth to remove food debris that have been left.

kitchen sink cabinets

This beautiful piece is part of a collection of kitchen cabinets in the pictures you can see the long narrow closet and large closet, all with the same design. The island you can buy in the store online West Elm for 750 Euros.