Changes to improve the living


The living room can be one of the most important rooms in your home. Depends if you normally use it or use it in a few times. If you make a lot of life in the classroom, I recommend following these tips to improve your living room.

how to make a shabby chic living room


1st. Led lighting:
As lights are very effective in reproducing the colors and illuminate specific areas. We will compensate them, especially if living tau is oriented north. Above, spend 90% less than traditional bulbs. Also, make sure that your transformer electronic lamps are not as they may interfere with the LED.


2nd. Room acoustics:
Improving classroom acoustics is very easy and we can enjoy more movies and music. First, we must have insulated. To avoid works should entelar. In addition, you have to avoid losses of decibels and quality cables at least 2 x 1 square millimeters thick and short haul.


For example, I recommend installing a home cinema. Can be achieved without spending a lot of money and your living room will become a small cinema. Ideal for lovers of cinema.


3rd. Reupholster the couch:
In addition to reupholster the couch, you can change the fabric of the sofa. You compensate if your sofa has wooden structure and the seat backrest and compact (no cushions). Reupholstering a sofa loveseat can cost you around 400 euros.


4th. The stage:
Your room will look like another, as new, if the sanding stage and back to varnish. You will get much more profitable than add a new one, especially if the platform will battens.


You can also choose to place a symmetrical platform with top layer of wood. It will cost about 20 euros per square meter. If baseboard is added and the recess of doors will be worth 6.50 euros per square meter and 40 euros per unit.

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