Chesterfield Sofa timeless design

The Chesterfield sofa is completely timeless , its design is still as great as the first day the years go passing. There is a theory that says if a chest is well developed and designed, never go out of style, and Chesterfield is a good example.


The origin of the Chesterfield sofa
When buying a Chesterfield sofa is like if you bought a piece of history, as if you bought a work of art and you placed in your living room. No one knows the exact origin, but is believed to be Lord Phillip Stanphone, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield , who first commissioned this leather couch in the 1700s.


So how is the Chesterfield sofa, what defines it? It is a sofa with padded arms to the same height as the back , which has a bending outward at the top. It is characterized by the formation of knots that gives such a characteristic appearance and leather upholstered brown, although nowadays it is in many fabrics and colors.

While others are cheaper fabrics, leather is long term the best option, in case you want to leave your children or sell second hand. It is very easy to clean, easy to maintain and it ages very well over the years.
When we speak of the Chesterfield sofa comes to mind an old, dark, English house with a man sitting on the couch smoking a pipe. Currently designers have adapted to all styles of decor, very modern designs and very accurate colors.

chesterfield sofa-modern
If your room needs a focal point a Chesterfield sofa color can give you a style of decoration Pop Art fun and funky.


Chesterfield Sofa Pop Art
If instead you prefer the style of rustic decor , a worn leather will be stunning.


Chesterfield Leather Sofa Rustic
If you want to buy Chesterfield sofa have many options, especially now that the designers have modernized their lines to fit contemporary styles, minimalist and modern decor.
If you like clean lines, several designers have reinvented the Chesterfield a more modern touch , but keeping the same luxurious feel of the original.


chester sofa-modern-vintage

The sofa you see in the picture above Manzoni Tapinassi designed it with the idea of ​​place in a modern and elegant lounge with a vintage touch.


This other Chesterfield, designed by Paole Navone, is a more modern version, with a luxurious upholstery work, accessible to few pockets.
Buy buy Chesterfield sofa, classic or modern, natural or dyed leather, you know it is a sure hit . Why? Because it is a design that has more than 300 years, from 1700 if you have not gone out of fashion, never will, is one of those designs to life .