Chic And Timeless Nordic Apartment Design

Søstrene Grene, Nordic again demonstrate who will head decoration low cost Before long they have taken over the world decoration , if for many years were the tents of Indian colonial subject who reigned in the global decor, in recent years, the Nordic design , either Swedish or Danish conquered us with their lines simple, bright colors using wood and plastic and especially those prices for changing the decor anytime all pockets.

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Following in the footsteps of H & M Home, Ikea, Tiger entering the national scene decoration, Danes Søstrene Grene . Until now you could only find the products of this brand on their website, but have opened shop in Madrid and that means (with their attractive prices and neutral products that can “marry” with any decor) will soon have shops Søstrene Grene by Spain.


Søstrene Grene was born in 1973 in Aarhus (Denmark), in which two sisters, Anna and Clara, were the architects of carrying out this project, innovating and offering Danish product design combined with inspirations from other countries , which has allowed export its business to other Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Holland, Iceland) and beyond (has stores in Japan). They continue to be the inspirational products.


The stores are carefully designed to be cozy and warm , the customer feel at ease to choose and view details. The colors, aromas and classical music are not random, they have a neat presentation and good styling in the spaces. Does the product? Of those who love you and “spades” because you can afford: Arts & Crafts, office supplies, particularly for home decor and kitchenware (glassworks are beautiful), metal and cardboard boxes of different designs to maintain order. Let’s paradise for many of us.

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In addition, to publicize the firm in Spain , presented a video on You Tube, I leave you with this video, but Søstrene Grene, Nordic again demonstrate who will head decoration low cost .














Chic And Timeless Nordic Apartment Design

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