Child Bedroom Design by Karim Rashi’d

Child Bedroom Design by Karim Rashi’d . Differences in the use of the function of an object or environment, among children and adults are certainly different. This difference can also be seen from the way children use the bedroom furniture with simple design but has unique characteristics. As an example of the bedroom furniture designs for kids is a furniture designer Karim Rashi’d results.

Karim-Childrens Bed Linen

Bedroom furniture is called “Neoset”. Results Karim Rashi’d design offers great artistic value. Furniture design produced a very beautiful and captivating, from the play of colors is also unique and interesting ways. If you are interested in using this furniture design you can visit the web page at Karim Rashi’d .  Bedroom Design by Karim Rashi’d Children:

children room pictures  Karim-Rashid-Modern-Kids-Furniture living-room-interior-design-concept-by-karim-rashid

stylish-and-modern-kids-bedroom-furniture-by-karim-rashid XO-Baby-Bite