Child Study: Encourage Your Childern to Study

Undoubtedly a taste for modern design furniture is more typical in adults than in children, but as time passes, they look more naturally this type of decorative and industrial design trends. Today we will show a study designed for children that any adult envy. An ideal place for children to help them develop their work and projects at home prepared by Ellenberg Design.

As you can see these modern furniture are made as small comfort to them when performing their tasks, desk modern lines in white with wooden legs and red auxiliary lamp, a modular furniture white and green with pockets for organized storage of each of his books and school books.

This modern desk made of wood forms an upper with white painted legs and natural color, has two seats to facilitate tasks that may entrust in school, and two small compartments on the sides to store pencils and other small items .

The chairs that complement the desktop have a delicate curve in your back to ensure the best sitting posture and a beautiful natural color on the outside that matches the desk legs.


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