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Children’s fashion for two girls – beautiful interior solutions children’s fashion is no easy task. The little ones from their room we now want to tell you, are respectively 2 and 5 years old. Overall, they inhabit an area of 30 square meters. Split was inside this area carefully on the functions. The first thing one here is striking, the lacquered MDF panel is. This covers approximately half of the wall. Among others, it fulfills the function of establishing the unit in the room. The majority of the remaining furniture has been created from the same material. The Bank has 56 cm height. This will remain unchanged at least for the next five years. It has waived the typical girly pink color.

girl make room for two

It has become for soft pale shades of blue in this case entschiedenIn of the remaining Division has made no great difference in terms of the age of the two girls. Often it happens in the modern approach, that everything in two and will be distributed equal to much. The page with the beds is separated by an element, usually decorative in two equal parts. Beds, bedding, decorative pillows, clothes are about the same. There are also connecting elements.

modern nursery for girls

The furniture in the learning and work have been put in the wall. By their white color but, in less space, they appear as usually to occupy. Such solutions that visually save space are very popular. The occurrence of shelving units from the same materials on the wall keeps consistency of the concept.

girls room design green interior accents

The toys together with funny chairs in bright shades bring lively accents in the room the seats seem actually to have yourself a very childish character. The material and colors so not much different look than the dolls. To teach probably also a feel for aesthetics and economical handling of resources the children through such solutions. Such a great idea for the storage of magazines under the lamp or? You must read them in steady rhythm so that it is not too large.See our following suggestions on how you make your girl the nursery attractive, maybe inspired!

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