Children’s furniture from organic wood by team 7

The Austrian furniture manufacturer team 7 has focused on the production of wooden furniture. All products of the company are sustainable, high quality and provide natural air conditioning for the room. But visually, the pieces of furniture from team 7 are unique. In the following five pictures are the most beautiful children’s furniture of company.



The bear bunk bed is ideal for a boys room. A great game cave is located under the bed.



With its simple and timeless design, the bed fits OWL in each room. The bed is one hundred percent organic wood.



Bed and playground at the same time the piece of furniture is rabbit. On the basis of his colour scheme it is ideal for a girl’s room.

Rabbit team7-design children’s room

The adjustable tabletop of this desk is particularly handy. The swivel chair ensures a high degree of comfort.


Tandem deck

This tandem bed can be easily transformed into a double bed of a single bed. The colorful stuffed animals provide a friendly color accent.