Children’s rooms designed for fun

I wanted to start today’s post with this pretty phrase Audrey Hepburn “Happy girls are the prettiest” , and have inspired her to write this article about how important it is that children live in an environment that fosters imagination and creativity.Older children often say that today “do not know what it is to have children.” A phrase much used when we see that the kids spend hours playing computer games or watching TV.

seattle children’s red carpet

They may need a little help from elders to learn more fun and healthy ways to entertain themselves, do not you think? Surely one of you played as a kid to make booths with chairs and blankets that were in the dining room of the house, as the kids try to stimulate their imagination and have fun as much as we have. Browsing the Internet I found many ideas for decorating children’s rooms with very bright and fun styles that will help children want to spend more time playing in his room.

gardening for kids

In addition, each day more are updated furniture stores and interior and there are many where we can find furniture with more special as you can see in these images infant designs. See what you think;)

gardening lessons for children

As you can see, in many of these rooms, the originality lies in the furniture designed especially for children. Although just paint some pictures on the wall acclimating room with a theme may be enough for children to imagine they are playing in the jungle or sailing on a pirate ship.

The accessories (cushions, carpets, vinyls, curtains …) are ideal to give the room that we are looking for fun touch. It is also nice colored lights placed somewhere in the room for a more cheerful touch 😉 A good idea is to buy a cardboard house for kids where kids can have fun painting it and then playing in it. What do you think?I hope I have given you some ideas for decorating children’s rooms 🙂

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