Child’s bedroom in green apple

The decor of the bedroom invites children and accented colorful contrasts, so we can let your imagination to use ranges and combinations that might rule out to other parts of the house. A colored widespread ambience of rooms for children is the bright green apple. The natural freshness of this color immediately puts us in a relaxed atmosphere and youthful, which is what every kids bedroom needs. The richness of this shade is its adaptability to many decorations, and its universal character girls, boys and mixed dorms. This color is the perfect base for decorating bedrooms of all ages, from the room of a newborn as teenagers.

Layout 1

Where to place the green apple
To start a decoration from green apples, the most widespread option is to paint the walls in this shade. Being a light color perfectly all paintable surfaces and even the ceiling, without risk to saturate. The result is a room full of positive energy and luminosity.

If using green apple in other elements of the room, it is preferable that the walls are painted a neutral tone (white and yellow over) the accessories, so that they can highlight and d├ęcor enrich the variety of hues. This base green lets you compose walls filled with colorful decor: yellow, red, orange, blue, green and violet be mixed in modular, desks, curtains, bedspreads, pillows and rugs. To avoid overloading, always welcome a healthy dose of white drawers and shelves. But for the protagonist is green is not necessary to cover the walls of this color. One need only point out some furniture and accessories with a glowing apple, contrasting with paler shades on the walls and floor (butter, beige, gray, color pastel). Although it is only in some details, their prominence, will be green to steal all eyes decoration.
Precisely because of this intensity, it should reduce its power, balancing it with another color. So different climates create for every style of bedroom.

Apple Combos
With white. The green apple and white are eternal allies. Their integration into the different elements of the bedroom strikes a charged atmosphere of joy, perfect for all ages and for boys and girls alike. We can play with geometric shapes to give variety to this style, through, for example, a wall with stripes or polka dots. In sleeping teens, black integrated this combination will give you more mature and youthful note.

With yellow, red or orange: When citrus colors, these shades fit wonderfully to green apple, both separately and coupled. A fruity air will enjoy a bedroom conditioning in these bright colors.
With pink: To avoid neglecting traditional girl colors and update with edgy effect, it can combine with clear apple green or pale pink lilac. It may seem a strange mix, but the results are very attractive, as long as the colors are within the same scheme luminosity. The intense violet showy also achieves results in complementation with green.
With blue: Classic and new mixturan in a bedroom is apple green and navy. This mixture is foolproof for a male dormitory, especially for children.





sofa with green walls