Chilly a chaise practical and easy to carry

Versatile and comfortable, this seat of local design offers an alternative to relax on a beach, park or why not, in the backyard, “Learning, reasoning, sharing, balance, think, innovate, create, do, enjoy,” is the goal of Diego Zimmermann, Mariano Segundo Fernandez Madero and Facundo Moro, three Argentine industrial design students a few years ago were encouraged to address their own project.

Chili Red Chaise Patio Lounge

With own urge for that good entrepreneurs, this very young trio (none of them reaches 30 years) joined their knowledge and desire to create Chilly, a lawn chair that stands out for its design and practicality.

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In the rear, the chaise has a mesh pocket for your magazines and books tranportar, among other objects.Chilly combines the concept of canvas with seat. From quality wood, which functions as a structure to support the back, cushion upholstered with soft fabric and waterproof polyester unfolds. Foldable, lightweight (weighs 2lbs.) and super comfortable, the design is an excellent partner to Time to go to the beach to sunbathe or a place to relax outdoors.

Chilly a chaise practical and easy to carry

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