Choose fabrics for interior curtains

curtain-type panels, the choice of material or the fabric they are made curtains is quite limited and usually necessary to refer to the samples offered by the manufacturer for each model.If instead you have the need for a curtain fabric only the choice becomes very wide and sometimes can be confusing.Beyond the types of curtains you want but there are some general principles that it is good to keep in mind:

Curtain Fitting

the white tent or soft colors on the shade of beige fits in with any decor or color of the walls, and you will not need to change it if you change, for example, the color or finish of the walls, the color of sofa covers or the color of the walls. The light filtering from these tents will be clear and transparent but slightly cold; Even with the light curtains combined with darker curtains can create a charming atmosphere.

a solid colored curtain can give a strong touch of originality and personality to furniture, but his choice is closely linked to the other colors in the room, very nice are the combinations on the same window blinds with intense colors and curtain fabrics clear , light and semi-transparent. You can then choose colors with warm tones that just warm the atmosphere, making it particularly suitable for pleasantly cozy furnishings with ethnic and oriental atmospheres, or prefer cool colors, such as blue-green combinations, which express a sense of calm and relaxation. ;
Double tent with plain edge that recalls the fantasy of the wall. Use double curtains allows scgliere the amount of light that enters the room.

a tent solid intense (red, orange, blue, green) filtering the light makes it assume the same shade and color nice effect sometimes highly sought able to create a special atmosphere as the case may be useful to liven up a room or to dampen the brightness making the room more relaxing; Tent interior fantasy coordinated well with the fabric of the sofa , the choice of curtain fabric with fancy designs and colors is very demanding and should be carefully considered: when you choose not to have any doubt about the choice you have to like it fully, if at home there are other fantasies the tent absolutely must be coordinated with other fantasies for both type of fabric for both forms and designs present on the curtain itself and the environment. Today they are very fashionable fabrics for curtains coordinated with the decorations of the walls (stencil or wall decals) and / or with the coating of armchairs and sofas, these combinations make the environment more homogeneous and very personalized.

In addition to the choice of colors for the tent , it is also important the choice of fabric with which the tent is made ​​, in fact this is relevant for determining the amount of light that can pass through the window in the room.The choice of curtain fabric is therefore very sensitive since it will affect the final look of the room both for its appearance and for the degree of lighting and the color of light that filter will leave.

If the room receives little natural light, would be preferable in a light fabric and weave it does not obstruct too much brightness and will not affect too much the color of the light ball. Another factor determining the choice of curtain fabric is the kind of environment in which you want it to have. For premises on the ground floor and / or those facing north, it will be helpful to choose a very light fabrics, light and with large plots, in order to let through as much light as possible to illuminate the environment.

The tent can be chosen among a thousand colors and the type of tissue which is made
The material that makes up the fabric of the tent can be either natural or synthetic . The curtains with synthetic fibers have the advantage of easy maintenance (can be conveniently washed in a washing machine at home and do not require ironing). The price of the curtains synthetic is usually smaller than those made ​​with natural fibers.

For those who prefer natural materials, however, can choose between tents with linen fabric, cotton and silk . Many tents are via a halved since they are made ​​with mixtures of natural and synthetic fibers technique used primarily to obtain typical chiaroscuro effects.

It ‘important to make an informed choice and verify the indication on the label of the yarn employed as it is difficult, even for the most experienced, judging only from a fabric texture.

The tents are normally made ​​and packed with technical specifications and fabrics treated to resist better to the smog , the light and the warmth of the sun , to attack by moths , the mites and sudden changes in temperature due to heaters , you still need to have particular regard, especially when you brush or are ironed.
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