Choose your Christmas tree

The Christmas tree each year becomes the star of our Christmas decorations. To all, and especially the children of the house, we have fun decorating our home when the holidays arrive.When you approach the time to decorate the house, we must ask, first, if we are going to reuse the tree earlier years or if, on the contrary, we need to renew our Christmas decorations . Therefore, the first thing we recommend you do is take the tree, decorations and other accessories for you to decide what you can build on and what you need to renew.


If you decide to keep your Christmas tree
A very inexpensive option can be to renew your decor and give it a completely different with a small investment. In this case, we suggest you take a look at the latest trends in Christmas decorations, as there is a variety of styles that can adapt easily to your home decor. It’s easier than you think because this year almost all colors are trend.

If your Christmas tree is the traditional green fir and want to give it a different can decorate it with one of these color combinations:

Red and white
Silver and lilac
Brown and orange
The same tree will look totally different if you use one of these three combinations. Hanging dolls, garlands, stars and butterflies with glitter , ornaments, rustic …, you can supplement your fir with lots of accessories that will undoubtedly give your decor a whole new look.

If your white fir is recommend using silver and blue hues and have a Christmas tree elegant and latest trend.

If you decide to change your Christmas tree
You should know that there are a variety of models, colors, finishes and sizes so that you can integrate with the style of your home and the space you have available. Once you know the existing variety you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

You can purchase a fully decorated Christmas tree, following some of the trends for this Christmas proposals, or choose the ornaments separately and give your own style, even drawing some elements of previous years. If you plan to reuse part of the Christmas decorations for your new tree before you buy it or buy new decorations , it is advisable that you take notice of the predominant color of your previous decor to go along the same lines, combined with other colors similar ranges or purchasing items in the same colors and decorative style.

If you have space problems, you must know that you have trees AKI 90 cm at very affordable prices and you can place anywhere in your home. Perhaps, even if you have space in the room for the Christmas tree, decide to put a smaller one in the kitchen or in the bedroom of your children. You can also opt for these smaller trees for a second home or do not want to invest heavily this year.

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