Choose your dream sink in ten easy steps

According to experts, about 60 percent of the tasks performed in the kitchen, are held at the sink, so the choice of this element not only responds to functionality, aesthetics and also to environmental care. By equipping the kitchen must ensure that the sink is designed to lighten the housework while you decorate the room. I mean that is integrated into the set through color and materials.


Home Depot experts say there are three main things you should consider to acquire a sink. The first is to choose the material. Currently manufacturers have a wide range of materials you can choose from ceramic, stainless steel, composite granite, acrylic, cast iron, copper and even bamboo. Here are the top 10 tips for choosing a stylish sink.

1. The time when the kitchen sink was stainless steel and nothing has been done, you can give a special touch by choosing a granite decorated.

There are some models that do not need extra prints, and they come with natural forms and colors.

Two. If you prefer something more sober and your decor is aimed at it, you can choose a stone color, definitely will give a special touch to your kitchen.

Three. The next point to choose a good sink is to choose the model. Sink size is a function of how you use it, can be one, two or even three deposits.

The Lenova fima offers a wide variety of shapes, finishes and sizes to suit your needs. The Triple Bowl Undermount Apron Front is an option if what you require is space in the sink.

April. One of the recent trends are copper sinks, this material, according to Home Depot adds style and class to any kitchen, it complements almost any decor with its brightness.

May. Your taste also plays an important role and if you are looking for originality, a sink like this is an option. Its list price is $ 999 and takes care of the environment as well as all manufactured in copper as this material is naturally hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant and recyclable.

6. Even if you prefer a more common material, such as stainless steel, your sink can not be boring.

Currently shapes and sizes vary even in stainless steel sinks.

You can find them in a single round with different depths or deposit.

7. If your bet goes for environmental stewardship and innovation, sink bamboo may be what you’re looking for.

This model is creating Lenova and is made from mature bamboo, and is characterized by its high density, clarity of color, with pocket is noble as its price rises to $ 489 and also with the environment.

8. Another point to consider when choosing your sink, countertop that will occupy is to mount it.

There are also many styles of tops that you can take.

9. As new models support every possible position, user preference and the structure of where you are placing determine the type of technique used in the installation. Undercounter installation is recommended for Solid surface or granite, as well as deep buckets, wringers and optional accessories.

10. Another novelty is the possibility to choose sink and faucet of the same material with the same hue to the workplace is a unique piece in the kitchen.