Choose Your Sink: Modern or Classic?

The variety of styles and designs for sinks is spectacular.  Here are some new

Two pieces of health mark, above the rest, the style of the bathroom . The tubs , increasingly obsolete in favor of showers with glass – and sinks or countertops. Of the first we have spoken on more than one occasion.
The sinks are experiencing something of a golden age, because the best firms launch new bathroom design with great frequency extraordinary.Parts that are out of the ordinary in design, materials and quality.

Duravit has a lot of models to suit all tastes. All well designed, elegant and modern.  As the counter blown Viennese signed by EOOS, apparently fleet, construction needs no visible supports and integrates light and elegant space.
This sensation is possible by an invisible fixing goes to the wall and showing rectilinear EOOS design at its best. The piece belongs to Delos furniture program that aims to bring lightness to the bathroom.

The proposal of Ideal Standard comes in handy because it has a couple of drawers under the sink, which also gives a sense of volatility because it reaches the ground. Although there is also the option of the pedestal.
Softmood and is called a novel collection designed by Franco Bertoli bath. Range is characterized by smooth rounded shapes and ultrafine edges that enhance the lightweight design.

Style changed radically with the console and sink the Italian company Devon & Devon, Blues. It features a great aesthetic impact and a retro style very carefully.This style certainly is given by the generous volumes and dimensions.
Its structure resistant metal strips design reflects the typical chrome grills of old luxury cars.  The rest is the vessel of porcelain, also performed using a broad scale. The chrome console is also available in light gold and polished nickel.