Choosing perfect curtain for each window

Choosing the perfect shade for each window seems simple, but keep in mind the fastening system of the curtain , the fabric, the color that matches the rest of the decor of the room, and also the kind of openness and The window dimensions. With these tips, surely you guess right. It’s time to dress your windows with curtains and pore know where to start. The choice is endless, so do not get carried away just for your personal tastes, and not all systems are suitable for each window. And is that not the same put a curtain for a window sill that for a sliding window.


Traditional curtain or blind
The traditional curtain: The curtain is placed over the traditional (puckered with rail or bar), as it adapts to all types of windows. If you choose a fabric weight rails rings and c are as comfortable to open and close the curtains .

The blind: the blind, however, and not used as much, perhaps the reason is that if it is level, gives problems raised and lowered, and is more uncomfortable when dismantling to wash. If you decide on a shade, do not place a single blind in a window swing leaf as difficult to open the window.
Window Treatments with hinged doors.

The windows with two hinged doors opening onto a balconera are beautiful, and make them very bright. Most decorative option two curtain falls, either with a barbell or Rail. The importance of this type of window is that there is space on both sides of it. A very practical alternative is to place a subject curtains with rods at the ends of the crystals, either up and down, or just above. So you can open and close the window without any difficulty. In any case, never opt for a shade, because the gathered fabric at the top of the window, preventing its full opening.

Trick to look more high windows: very easy, place the curtain rod flush with the ceiling.

Curtains for large sliding windows.
These windows are the easiest to wear. From traditional to curtains blinds, whether folding or paqueto. The latter having no rods have a more casual look.

Curtain screen type
If your priority is comfort, the best are the screens that not only cater to all kinds of decorations, but they are very practical and easy to maintain. The fabric is made from glass fiber yarns coated with PVC. It does not warp or discolor by action of the sun and can see clearly the outside while protecting the privacy of the interior. Also supplies 50% to 100% more light than a conventional blind.



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