Choosing the best curtains for the various windows of your home

One of the big questions when we decorate our home, is to choose the right curtains for each room. Personally, in decor, lighting, walls and textiles are my favorite areas.Some people more interested in the functionality, without compromising aesthetics. Others see the curtains an important choice because, in addition to its function-filter outside light, provide privacy or even protect us from cold, dress the windows and therefore become an important element that completes the decoration .

striped Curtain

Currently, there are many types of curtains and blinds and the variety allows us to combine functionality and aesthetics, achieving amazing results: traditional curtains, net curtains, curtains … plain or printed. As for Blinds, the options are varied: Paquetos, screen blinds, Japanese panels, sheer curtains, printed curtains …
A third option is the Venetian and wooden slats. In many sites they are classified as curtains, blinds and other. Personally, I think the latter is the most successful.
Choose curtains that dress your windows and decorate your stay
In a matter of aesthetics, factors to consider when choosing curtains are decorative style of our stay, the effect we want to achieve and the colors, prints and materials.
The decorative style is a very personal choice: Urban, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean … It’s a good starting point for choosing furniture, decorations and of course the curtains.


In this picture a lounge whose décor is Spanish colonial style shown. The patterned curtains with a cream base color and pattern in brown tones combined with the colors of the room.
Regarding color or pattern if you stay sober or dull, it is best to choose curtains, drapes or blinds that combine with one or more other bright colors from furniture, lamps and decorative elements, creating an attractive focal point anime stay.
In these two examples, the curtains remain the basis of the predominant neutral colors in the room but its pattern brings dynamism. If we imagine these two rooms without curtains or those with a more sober shades, the result would be the same.


In this room, the idea of ​​combining curtains and curtain seems very practical. As a base color, the curtains are of a more intense tone grays that we can see on the furniture in the shade and cushions. Moreover, the floral print, prints, playing with pads.

This second option I like it for several reasons: The base color of the curtains, like in the picture above belongs to the same palette of the walls and the couch, although its base color is more intense. The pattern combined with cushions and curtains cherry that add dynamism. Normally we tend to look white or cream curtains, allowing more light to penetrate. Maybe the color curtains can reduce the brightness depending on whether they are more or less translucent but, in addition to color, are perfect for rooms that receive too much light outside.
The colorful rooms that feature excessive from walls or decorative items or those rooms that are highly saturated with numerous pieces of furniture and decorative items, curtains need to balance the excess. In these cases, usually smooth or patterned curtains neutral colors as a base or to maintain the harmony of palette predominant colors of the room with a softer tone, are always a good choice.

Pink curtains are the colors of the walls, furniture and a decorative element, and its color is lighter. Although it is an example of how to balance colors, in my opinion the result is quite poor. Moreover, the simplicity of the curtains reveal the abundance of colors and elements. With a bandeau and clamps in one or two deeper shades curtains not only get excess color balance, but a more welcoming environment will be achieved.


This second image is more accurate. The walls are painted burgundy. The diversity of colors and intensity of the color of the walls is balanced by a patterned curtains whose base color is a soft pink beige. and so patterned as the fabric clamps, match the color of the walls.
Choosing curtains taking into account the effect we want to achieve
Unless we are blessed with wide, high windows, it is normal to want to achieve that sense of breadth and length. Choose curtains with a suitable size, you can help us achieve our purpose.


To make the windows appear taller, curtains whose length covers almost from ceiling to the floor or floor-not only get the windows appear taller, also get they add height to our roofs, as we saw in the post on how to make your room seem larger or higher .
If what we want is that windows appear wider, the horizontal length of the curtains will need to have some more inches. This length should be approximately between 60 and 80% wider than the window frame. Thus, get enjoyment from the light when the curtain is open without having to fold too. Choosing curtains wider than normal horizontal length will also allow us to maximize the brightness without having to give up the curtains if our stay count with little natural light or windows are very small.

This window is wide and in itself, but the curtains rise to the feeling of spaciousness. The bar has been placed against the ceiling and, although the image is not shown, the length of the curtains covered from ceiling to floor.


Contemporary Bedroom
The curtains in this room have been placed near the ceiling, making the window look taller and even the ceiling appear higher, taking into account the contrast cream color walls with white ceiling. Similarly, the curtains were placed so that the window appears broader.

Not all the rooms in our home need the same type of curtains or blinds. Normally, in the halls seeks primarily luminosity and spaciousness. In kitchens and bathrooms we like to have natural light but also privacy, something that becomes more important in the bedrooms. Therefore, the lighter and translucent fabrics are often used in those rooms where you want light while thicker fabrics even with lining, are intended to bedrooms.


The curtains and blinds are perfect for kitchens because they filter the light without preventing light from penetrating the outside. Furthermore, we note that in the kitchen odors, dirt, etc. build up. Therefore, the fabric chosen should be more or less translucent, but easily detachable in order to wash them.
In the bathrooms, some privacy is required. The roller or Roman shades are a good choice.
In bedrooms, all possibilities fit: thick curtains, curtains with curtains, blinds or curtain to curtain, Japanese panels or wooden slats.
For image-balconies above, traditional curtains are an excellent choice. Can be folded when we want light and close them when we want privacy without complicate with sheers. They are perfectly complemented by blinds.
Moreover, we must take into account the window type: folding, hinged, folding, sliding, sash, balconera … many times have we chosen curtains, drapes or blinds that are a problem for the system of opening the windows!









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