Choosing the right furnishings for a house chic

Chic is a term coming from the French that indicates the ‘ elegance in the broadest sense of the word. Chic style , innovation, class, sophistication, taste : for these reasons, having a house is the desire of many chic.


But how to choose the right furnishings for a house chic ? We assume that chic is the opposite of kitsch, a term associated with the bad taste with lack of artistic type, with no creativity or originality.

A chic house, so it reflects your personality and what you love; plus combines the functionality of furnishing with ‘ elegance and clean lines. This does not mean that the ‘ chic decor should be all the same, without any personality. It is the opposite: the elegance and class allow it to be very creative , giving the right space to your taste .


Each of us has a different style, but there are some basic principles that identify the elegance and direct us on the choice of ‘ chic decor of the house . First of all remember that to furnish a stylish home does not have to spend much; you can create stylish environments stirring expensive furniture and furniture cheaper .

The first step to furnish a house is to choose a chic color palette consists of a few basic colors, ideally two or three, accompanied by their complementary colors. Avoid bright colors and neon , prints risky and unnatural shades , all synonyms of kitsch .


At this point you can begin to choose the furnishings, following the colors that you chose. In each room, the furniture will be the most prominent of the base color you selected. In the living room, for example, the sofa and the carpet may be the same color.

After choosing the furniture in the right color, start adding objects elegant and chic: paintings , house plants, curtains , pillows , knick-knacks . Always follow good taste, avoiding all that is tacky and overdone.

Punta style minimalist , always friendly environments chic flavor, but do not overdo it. Minimalism is nice, but only when it is bare-bones . In that case, a house might be stripped .


Do not overload the rooms if you want to add something flashy to your furniture so that you do not go to clash with the rest and let one thing be the main attraction of the room.

Remember: the chic house is tidy, everything has its place and disorder , if any, is artistic and studied . The magazines are not supported around here and there, but have their own special basket ; pens will be contained in a pen holder stylish, along with stationery; the cover for the afternoon nap will be perched elegantly on the back of the sofa.


Finally, decorate a home in a chic and elegant is simple . Here are the most important points to follow:

stick to one particular style , without proper mixing of too many among them
choose furniture complements the clean lines
keep the house clean and tidy
avoid cluttering the environments of various objects
follow palette of colors pre-
have good lighting , soft in places used for the rest and the most brilliant in the living area
do not forget that convenience and functionality are essential and should go hand in hand
let your personality is reflected in furnishing