Christmas Felt Ornaments – easy to create

Felt is nothing more beautiful than handmade easy Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree. Use felt to create amazing Christmas tree decoration!Felt Christmas ornaments–what can you make from felt?

Christmas felt ornament red circle

1 snow flakes

2. Christmas star

3.Schneeflocke and star felt ornament

4. heart ornament

5. candy canes

6 stockings

7 Christmas trees

8 candles

9 flowers

10 bells

Snowflake design ornaments

Cut a circle out of red felt and a snowflake pattern from green felt. Glue the snowflake on the red circle. Hang the ornament with a colorful ribbon on the Christmas tree.Create animated Star ornaments for Merry Christmas. Cut points of different size and colour. Show creativity! Cut a star made of grey felt and glue the points on it.

Christmas felt ornament snowflake gray circle

Cut a Christmas tree made of beige felt with a cookie cutter or a template. Then cut even a smaller Christmas tree made of white felt and glue it to the larger. Make a red flower on the top of the FIR.On a grey circle of felt glue a white felt snowflake and small white dots around.

Christmas felt ornaments bell gray

Create a great felt heart ornament for your Christmas tree. Create several heart for a stronger effect. Glue various red ornaments on a white felt heart.Cut a candy cane made of felt. Glue Strip on colorful thick felt.Check out this interesting Christmas tree decoration ideas on! Tell us your opinion! Felt Christmas ornaments Рwe wish you lots of fun!

Christmas felt ornaments blue stocking

Christmas felt ornaments candle

Christmas felt ornaments candy cane colorful stripes

Christmas felt ornaments christmas tree white point

Christmas felt ornaments green red circle snowflake

Christmas felt ornaments holly leaf

Christmas felt ornaments star red dots

Christmas felt ornaments white beige christmas tree red flower

Christmas Ornament Felt flower

Christmas Ornament Felt gray tree

Christmas ornament heart felt ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Felt flower yellow

Christmas Ornaments Felt flower

Christmas snowflake star Felt ornaments red