Christmas gifts – 1 simple guide and 30 ideas Pack

Wrap gifts is an art in itself. Colorful wrapping paper and ribbons are often enough, but experimenting this year with new and unique designs. Surprise your loved ones with original packaged gifts for Christmas, because extracting makes twice as much fun as the gift itself! We have for you a few great tutorials on the subject of Christmas gifts package put together that could help you.

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If you don’t have time to experiment with colorful designs, then you abide by rule “less is more” that. Use plain paper and embellish the packaging with a decoration object such as a photo or a green branch.

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In this guide, simple white leaves were used instead of typical packaging paper. Apart from the obvious value of environmentally friendly packaging can be made at the last minute. Everyone has at home, not a white sheet of paper?

Christmas packaging ideas manual paper ribbons make himself

You need: blank white paper, a cord, tape, small twigs, and photos of your choice

First a few tips for the Christmas gift pack:-the white paper is thicker and more difficult to fold as the typical wrapping paper. Try to work as clean as possible.

-It would be better, if your gifts have regular shapes, but even if the object is asymmetrical, you can place it in a rectangular gift box.

-Do not forget to remove all price tags.

1 conversely place the object on the paper. Approximately in the middle.

2. the present paper fold. If you work with hard paper, make folds along the edges. Fix it with a piece of adhesive tape.

3. on the side of your package, fold the paper in the form of two triangles, then glue them together. Repeat the same on the other side.

4. Wrap and tie a string around the gift.

5. a decoration under the loop add – a photo or a small branch.

Christmas packing instruction course seeming simple

A great idea, which looks not only beautiful, but also beautifully fragrant. Baking gift tags made from gingerbread dough. The trick here is that it makes two holes with a ballpoint pen, so that you can thread a thin band then.

Christmas packing instructions fimo tinker trailer

Match the colors of various elements. Wrapping paper in gold and white, ribbons and yarn in black and white, gold Christmas bauble and green pine branch as an accent.

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