Christmas Shabby Chic: Trend glamorous for the holidays

The holidays are approaching and will surely be looking for a style of Christmas decoration. From Plans and decoration we suggest the style Shabby Chic , which will give the room a touch of glamor.

DECORATE Vintage Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chi c is a style that like a lot, especially when it comes to accessories and Christmas decorations. What better than to use lanavidad fascinating romantic style of Shabby Chic?

Following our advice and based on the photos we annexed surely achieve a spectacular setting for the holidays.

Choosing ornaments this style will give a more delicate to the house or surrounding atmosphere, keep in mind that Christmas decorations do not subscribe only to the environment where the Christmas tree is, but from the bathroom, hallway, entrance, bedrooms …. everything that can be given to placing a Christmas touch.

Much white, cream, gold and silver will be needed for the setting Shabby Chic, materials such as floral or neutral colors in soft fabrics, burlap, cane, jute ornaments will give a vintage feel. The reindeer or snowmen made ​​of fabric, wicker, etc will give a special touch. Inevitable white or light-colored candles with hints of pine branches, a detail in crochet can also give the English countryside air necessary for this style.

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