No, I have nothing against Christmas trees. In fact I really like, and all the years had worn one, but the fact that I also like to meet more and more unconventional ideas trees. I think they have a greener spirit, may be cheaper, they are modern, they are perfect for those who have little space at home and you can make yourself … well, what they can say that this year too joined the trend put a tree is not a tree ? If you also bring concern and you want to animate, here I leave my tree selection unconventional Christmas favorites. Enjoy it

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Nope, I do not have anything against Christmas trees, actually I love them and had put one each year, but I do fancy finding more and more non-conventional ones. I think doing lot more eco-friendly spirit, They can be less expensive, They are hip, They are perfect for small spaces, and They can be great DIY projects … What more can I say, if I also fell for a Tree That is actually not a tree This Year ? If you are itching to follow the trend, and are looking to get inspired, then this is your place. Here are my favorite unconventional Christmas trees. Enjoy.


By the way, if you missed our Christmas tree is not a tree, you can see it here . Oh, and I want to take her to thank for the nice words as video in which I participated … you inspire me to keep going!


By the way, if you missed our non-tree Christmas tree DIY, you can check it out here . Oh, and huge thanks for your kind words my video appearance … you inspire me to move forward!

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